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(LHE Chapter 12. p243)

A. General Principles of Law Governing Individual Disputes and Grievances
The principal consideration at all times in employers’ dealings with individual employees must be that of acting fairly.
- see LHE, 12.01 – 12.12
Cases cited:
Allinson v General Counsel of Medical Education and Registration [1894] 1 QB 570 [view]
Boyo v Lambeth London Borough Council [1994] ICR 727 [view]
Cabaj v Westminster City Council CA 1996 [view]
Calvin v Carr [1980] AC 574, 593 [view]
Chief Constable of North Wales Police v Evans [1982] 1 WLR 1155 [view]
Dickson v Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain [1970] AC 403 [view]
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Harelkin v University of Regina 96 DLR 14 [link to follow]
Harris v TSB [2000] IRLR 157 [view]
Humberstone v MacFadyen and The University of Southampton, ET, 1997 [link to follow]
Igbolekwo v University of Luton and Burden, EAT 2000 [view]
Jenkin v Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain [1921] 1 Ch 392 [view]
Johnson v Unisys [2001] 2 WLR 1076 [view]
Jones v Welsh Rugby Football Union, The Times, 6 March, 1997 [view]
Kanda v Government of Malaya [1962] AC 332 [view]
King v University Court of the University of St Andrews [2002] SLT 439 [view]
King v University of Saskatchewan (1969) 6 DLR (3d) 120 [link to follow]
Leech v Deputy Governor of Parkhurst Prison [1988] AC 533 [view]
Lloyd v McMahon [1987] AC 625 [view]
MacLean v Worker’s Union [1929] Ch 602 [view]
Malik v BCCI [1994] IRLR 282 [view]
McCabe v Cornwall County Council, The Times, 28 December 2002 [view]
Metropolitan Properties CO (FGC) Ltd v Lannon [1969] 1 QB 577 [view]
Pillai v Singapore City Council [1968] 1 WLR 1278 [view]
Qureshi v Victoria University of Manchester and Brazier [1997] IRLB 11 [view]
R (Hennessy) v Department of the Environment [1980] NI 1 [view]
R (Tucker) v Director-General of the National Crime Squad, The Times, 17 January 2003 [view]
R v Central Professional Committee for Opticians, ex p Brown [1949] 2 All ER 519 [view]
R v City of London, ex p Matson (195) 8 Admin LR 49 [view]
R v East Berkshire Health Authority, ex p Walsh [1994] ICR 743 [view]
R v Melbourne, ex p Whyte (1949) VLR 257 [link to follow]
R v Panel on Takeovers and Mergers, ex p Datafin plc [1987] QB 815 [view]
R v Race Relations Board, ex p Selvarajan [1975] 1 WLR 1686 [view]
R v Secretary of State for the Home Department, ex p Fayed [1997] 1 All ER 225 [link to follow]
R v Universities Funding Council, ex p Institute of Dental Surgery [1994] 1 WLR 242 [view]
R v University of Cambridge (1615) 11 Co. Rep. 936 [link to follow]
R v University of Cambridge, ex p Evans, CO/1031, 1997 [view]
Re Elliot and Governors of the University of Alberta (1973) 37 DLR (3d) 197 [view]
Re Wislang’s Application [1984] NI 63 [view]
The Queen on the application of Galligan v Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford [2001] EWCH Admin 965 [view]
Ward v Bradford Corporation (1971) 70 LGR 27, 35 [view]
X v Y [2004] ICR 1634 [view]

B. Dismissal
- see LHE, 12.13 – 12.40
Cases cited:
Ely v YKK Fastners (UK) Ltd [1993] IRLR 500 [view]
International Computers Ltd v Kennedy [1981] IRLR 25 [view]
Lambert v Liverpool City Council, EAT 1997 [view]

C. Wrongful Dismissal
- see LHE, 12.14
Cases cited:

Addis v Gramophone Co Ltd [1909] AC 488 [view]
Dunnachie v Kingston upon Hull City Council, The Times, 16 July 2004 [view]
Johnson v Unisys [2001] 2 WLR 1076 [view]
Norton Tool Co Ltd v Tewson [1972] ICR 501 [view]
R v East Berkshire Health Authority, ex p Walsh [1985] QB 152 [view]
R v University College London, ex p Christofi 1997 [link to follow]
Williams v Southampton Institute, The Times, 22 May 2003 [view]

D. The Law of Fair and Unfair Dismissal
- see LHE, 12.17- 12.19
Cases cited:

Aspland v Mark Warner Ltd, ET 2005 [view]
Bowden v Moss Pharmacy, ET 2005 [link to follow]
Commotion v Rutty, EAT 2005 [view]
Fitzgerald v Hall, Russell and Co Ltd [1969] 3 All ER 1140 [view]
Fitzgerald v University of Kent at Canterbury (2004) EWCA Civ 143 [view]
Ford v Warwickshire County Council [1983] ICR 273 [view]
Giles v Cornelia Care Homes, ETT 2005 [link to follow]
Lake v Essex County Council [1979] IRLR 241 [view]
London International College v Sen [1993] 333 [view]
Murray v University of Cambridge [1993] ICR 460 [view]
Newman v Polytechnic of Wales Students’ Union [1995] IRLR 72 [view]
Nottinghamshire Area Health Authority v Gray, EAT 163/81 [link to follow]
Riniker v University College London [2003] EWCA Civ 1991 [view]
Shergold v Fieldway Medical Centre, EAT 2005 [view]
Thorpe v Poat, EAT 2005 [view]
University of Aston in Birmingham v Malik [1984] ICR 492 [view]

E. Fixed (Limited) Term Contracts: Efflux of Time
- see LHE 12.20
Cases cited:

Dean v Polytechnic of North London [1973] ICR 490 [view]
Mulrine v University of Ulster [1993] IRLR 545 [view]
Warren v D Ferranti Ltd [1968] ITR 286 [view]

F. Constructive Dismissal
- see LHE, 12.21 – 12.23
Cases cited:

BG v O’Brien [2002] ICR 721 [view]
Brown v J B D Engineering Ltd [1993] IRLR 565 [view]
Cantor Fitzgerald International v Bird [2002] IRLR 267 [view]
Courtauld’s Northern Textiles v Andrews [1979] IRLR 86 [link]
Horkulak v Cantor Fitzgerald International [2003] IRLR 75 [view]
Johnson v Unisys [2003] 1 AC 518 [view]
Jones v F Sirl and Son (Furnishers) Ltd, EAT 155/95 [view]
Lewis v Motorworld Garages Ltd [1985] IRLR 465 [view]
Malik v BCCI [1998] AC 20 [view]
Marshall Specialist Vehicles v Osborne [2003] IRLR 672 [view]
Morrow v Safeway Stores [2002] IRLR 9 [view]
Robson v Cambion Electric Products [1976] IRLR 109 [view]
Scally v Southern Health and Social Services Board [2000] I WLR 1607 [view]
Spafax Ltd v Harrison [1980] IRLR 442 [view]
University of Nottingham v Eyett [1999] ICR 721 [view]
University of Western Australia v Rindos (1995) 76 WAIG 736 [view]
Waters v Commissioner of Police of The Metropolis [2000] 1 WLR 102 [view]
Western Excavation (EEC) Limited v Sharp [1978] IRLR 27 [view]
Woods v WM Car Services [1982] ICR 693 [view]

G. Unfairness of Dismissals
- see LHE, 12.24 – 12.40
Cases cited:

A J Dunning and Sons (Shopfitters) Ltd v Jacomb [1973] ICR 445 [view]
Boys and Girls Welfare Society v MacDonald [1996] IRLR 129 [view]
British Homes Stores v Burchell [1978] IRLR 379 [view]
Chamberlain Vinyl Products Ltd vv Patel [1996] ICR 113 [view]
Cook v Thomas Linnell and Sons Ltd [1977] IRLR 132 [view]
Cresswell v Inland Revenue [1984] IRLR 190 [view]
Darnton v University of Surrey [2003] IRLR 133 [view]
Dick and Another v University of Glasgow [1993] IRLR 581 [view]
Dobie v Burns International Security Services (UK) Ltd [1984] IRLR 329 [view]
Dorney and Others v Chippenham College, COIT 61591/95
[link to come]
East Lindsay District Council v Daubney [1977] IRLR 181 [view]
Ellis v Brighton Co-operative Society Ltd [1976] IRLR 419 [view]
Ely v YKK Fasteners (UK) Ltd [1993] IRLR 500 [view]
Farnborough v The Governors of the Edinburgh College of Art [1974] IRLR 245 [view]
Ford Motor Co Ltd v Nawaz [1987] ICR 434 [view]
Gunton v London Borough of Richmond upon Thames [1980] 3 All ER 577 [view]
Handels-og Kontorfunktionaerernes Forbund I Danmark (for Hertz) v Dansk Arbejdsgiverforening (for Aldi Marked KIS) [1991] IRLR 31 [view]
Hannan v TNT-IPEC(UK) Ltd [1986] IRLR 165 [view]
Hollister v National Farmers’ Union [1979] IRLR 235 [view]
Hunter v Hanley [1955] SC 200 [view]
Iceland Frozen Foods Ltd v Jones [1982] IRLR 439 [view]
International Sports Co Ltd v Thompson [1980] IRLR 340 [view]
Janata bank v Ahmed [1981] IRLR 457 [view]
Joy v The Federation Against Copyright Software Theft (FAST) Ltd, DC 1992 [view]
Kent County Council v Gilham [1985] IRLR 18 [view]
Kingston v British Railways Board [1984] IRLR 146 [view]
Ladbroke Courage Holidays Ltd v Asten [1981] IRLR 59 [view]
Ladbroke Racing Ltd v Arnott [1983] IRLR 154 [view]
Langdon v Henlys of Barnes, COIT 1849/91 [link to follow]
Leicester University Students’ Union v Mahomed [1995] ICR 270 [view]
London Borough of Harrow v Cunningham [1996] IRLR 256 [view]
Lister v Romford Ice and Cold Storage Co [1957] AC 555 [view]
Lynock v Cereal Packaging Ltd [1988] ICR 670 [view]
Maclay and Co Ltd v Clark 1997 [view]
Marks and Spencer plc v O’Connell, EAT 230/95 [view]
Mennel v Newell and Wright (Transport Contractors) Ltd [1996] IRLR 384 [view]
Morgan v Electrolux Ltd [1991] IRLR 89 [view]
Murphy v Epsom College [1984] IRLR 271 [link to follow]
Norfolk County Council v Bernard [1979] IRLR 320 [view]
Polkey v A E Dayton Services Ltd [1987] IRLR 503 [view]
Post Office v Foley and HSBC v Madden [2000] ICR 1283 [view]
Post Office Counters v Heavey [1989] IRLR 513 [view]
R v BBC, ex p Lavelle [1982] IRLR 404 [link]
Scottish Daily Record and Sunday Mail (1986) Ltd v Laird (1997) SLT 345 [view]
Sim v Rotherham Metropolitan DC [1986] ICR 897 [view]
Singh v London Country Bus Service Ltd [1976] ITR 131 [view]
Thompson v Strathclyde Regional Council, EAT 628/83 [link to follow]
Timber Tailors v Brearley, ET 2005 [link to follow]
Treganowan v R Knee & Co Ltd [1975] IRLR 247 [view]
University College at Buckingham v Phillips [1982] ICR 315 [view]
University of Glasgow v Gow, EAT 118/83 [link to follow]
University of Lincolnshire and Humberside v Lane, EAT 775/00 [view]
Virgo Fidelis Senior School v Boyle, The Times, 26 February 2004 [view]
Vokes Ltd v Bear [1973] IRLR 363 [view]
Walton v TAC Construction Materials Ltd [1981] IRLR 357 [view]
Weston v University College Swansea [1975] IRLR 102 [view]
White v University of Manchester [1976] IRLR 215 [view]
Williams v Southampton Institute of Higher Education, COIT 45730/95 [link to follow]
Winterhalter Gastronom Ltd v Webb [1973] ITR 313 [view]

H. Redundancy
- see LHE, 12.41
Cases cited:

Anderson and Others v Potterton Myserson Radiators, COIT 27786/90 [link to follow]
Association of University Teachers v University of Newcastle upon Tyne [1987] ICR 317 [view]
Bass Leisure Ltd v Thomas [1994] IRLR 104 [view]
Birch and Humber v The University of Liverpool [1985] IRLR 165 [view]
Bromby and Hoare Ltd v Evans [1972] ICR 113 [view]
Cambridge and District Cooperative Society v De Ruse [1993] IRLR 156 [view]
Carry All Motors Ltd v Pennington [1980] ICR 806 [view]
Clarks of Hove Ltd v Bakers’ Union [1978] IRLR 366 [view]
Commission of the European Communities v United Kingdom [1994] ICR 664 [view]
Dekker v Stichting Vormingscentrum voor Jon Volwassenen Plus [1991] IRLR 27 [view]
Delanair v Mead [1976] ICR 522 [view]
Dunlop Ltd v Farrell [1993] ICR 885 [view]
Dyke v Hereford and Worcestershire County Council [1989] ICR 800 [view]
Executors of Everest v Cox, EAT 1993 [view]
Gemmell v Darngavil Brickworks Ltd [1967] 2 ITR 20 [link to follow]
General Municipal and Boilermens’ Union v Rankin [1992] IRLR 514 [view]
Gray v Shetland Norse Preserving Co Ltd [1985] IRLR 53 [view]
Graham v ABF Ltd [1986] IRLR 90 [view]
Handels-OG Kontorfunktionaerenes Forbund I Danmark v Dansk Arbeijdsgiverforening (acting for Danfoss) [1989] IRLR 532 [view]
Heron v Citylink-Nottingham [1993] IRLR 372 [view]
High Table Ltd v Hirst and Others, The Times, 9 July IRLR 104 [view]
Huddersfield Parcels Ltd v Sykes [1981] IRLR 115 [view]
James W Cook and Co (Wivenhoe) Ltd v Tipper [1990] IRLR 386 [view]
Johnson v Nottinghamshire Combined Police Authority [1974] ICR 170 [view]
Kennedy v Werneth Ring Mills Ltd [1977] ICR 206 [view]
Langston v Cranfield University [1998] IRLR 172 [view]
Mining Supplies (Longwall) Ltd v Baker [1988] IRLR 417 [view]
Mugford v Midland Bank [1997] IRLR 205 [view]
Nelson v British Broadcasting Corporation [1977] IRLR 148 [view]
Nelson v British Broadcasting Corporation (No 2) [1979] IRLR 346 [view]
Nimz v Freie ind Hansestadt Hamburg [1991] IRLR 222 [view]
Northern Ireland Hotel and Catering College v National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education [1995] IRLR 83 [view]
Paine and Moore v Grundy (Teddington) Ltd [1981] IRLR 267 [view]
Pfaffinger v City of Liverpool Community College; Muller v Amersham and Wycombe College [1996] IRLR 505 [view]
Pickrose Co Ltd T/A Long Airdox (Cardox) Ltd v Jones, EAT 1993 [view]
Pillinger v Manchester Health Authority [1979] IRLR 430 [view]
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd v Price and Others [1993] IRLR 203 [view]
Safeway Stores plc v Burrell [1997] IRLR 200 [view]
Scarth v Economic Forestry Ltd [1973] ICR 322 [view]
Smith v Haverhill Meat Products Ltd, EAT 1990 [link to come]
Stacey v Babcock Power Co [1986] ICR 221 [view]
Steel Stockholders (Birmingham) Ltd v Kirkwood [1993] IRLR 515 [view]
Suflex Ltd v Thomas [1987] IRLR 435 [view]
Sutton v Revlon Overseas Corporation Ltd [1973] IRLR 173 [view]
Taylor v Kent County Council [1969] ITR 294 [view]
Tilgate Pallets Ltd v Barras [1983] IRLR 231 [view]
Transport and General Workers’ Union v Nationwide Haulage [1978] IRLR 143 [view]
University of Glasgow v Donaldson [1995] 522 IRLB 13 [link to follow]
Vaux v Associated Breweries Ltd [1970] ITR 62 [link to follow]
Williams v Compare Maxam Ltd [1982] IRLR 83 [view]

I. Remedies for Unfair Dismissal or Selection for Redundancy
- see LHE, 12.47 -12.48
Cases cited:

Dunnachie v Kingston Upon Hull City Council, The Times, 16 July 2004 [view]

J. Grievances and Complaints
- see LHE, 12.49

K. Collective Rights and Disputes
- see LHE, 12.50 – 12.53
Cases cited:

BCCI v Ali (No 3) [2002] ICR 1258 [view]
Blackpool and Fylde College v NATFHE [1994] IRLR 227 [view]
Bradbury v University of Leeds [link to follow]
Buchanan v Strathclyde Regional Council 1981 [link to follow]
Express and Star Ltd v Bunday [1988] ICR 379 [view]
Glynn v Margetson [1893] AC 351 [view]
Henthorne v CEGB [1980] IRLR 361 [view]
Interfoto Picture Library Ltd v Stiletto Visual Programmes Ltd [1989] QB 433 [view]
Malik v BCCI [1997] ICR 606 [view]
McArdle v Scotbeef [1974] SLT (Notes) 78 [view]
McCormick v Horsepower Ltd [1981] ICR 535 [view]
Miles v Wakefield Metropolitan District Council [1987] AC 539 [view]
Pepper v Hart [1993] ICR 291 [view]
Phelps v Hillingdon LBC [1999] 1 WLR 500 [view]
Royle v Trafford BC [1984] IRLR 184 [view]
Sim v Rotherham MBC [1987] Ch 216 [view]
Simmons v Hoover [1997] 1 All ER 775 [view]
Sunderland Polytechnic v Evans [1993] ICR 392 [view]
Sze Hai Tong Bank Ltd v Rambler Cycle Co Ltd [1959] AC 576 [view]
Thornton v Shoe Lane Parking [1971] 2 QB 163 [view]
Ticehurst v British Telecommunications plc [1992] IRLR 219 [view]
University of Central England and Another v National Association of Local Government Officers [1993] IRLR 81 [view]
Wiluszynski v Tower Hamlets LBC [1989] IRLR 259 [view]



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